Tuesday, July 20

Fun with haters.

Freeway Blogger has a page transcribing several on the air contacts with talk radio hosts. He outlines his approach to bypassing call screeners and proceeds to the hilarity. A sample below.
Topic: Environmental Protection Agency halts construction of a strip mall because it's site is the only known habitat for a particular species of fly.

Screener: "Stacy Taylor Show."

Me: (thick southern accent) "Yeah, ah've been a hunter just about all my life and frankly ah've just about had it with these environmentalist whackos!"

Screener: "Okay, what's your name and where you from?"

Me: "I'm Phil callin' from Ocean Beach."

* * *

Stacy Taylor: Okay now let's go to... Phil from Ocean Beach...

Phil: Hey Stacy... I tell ya, this fly thing - it's them 'environmentalist whackos I'm tellin' ya...

Stacy: Them environmentalist whackos...

Phil: I tell ya... I'm a Bald Eagle hunter myself, and I can't tell ya...

Stacy: (laughs) A bald eagle hunter huh?

Phil: Yep, an' I can't tell you the problems I have huntin' eagles an' it's all because of this "endangered species"... bull! If ya ask me...

Stacy: Are you doin'... are you being a little sarcastic here Phil?

Phil: Not at all sir, not at all. Musta been five years ago I saw a bald eagle try to take away a little baby from its mother (voice cracking with emotion) an' ever since then I've dedicated my life to exterminating Bald Eagles from the face of this planet... and believe me, it's not an easy job!

Stacy: Uhh, yeah, I'm sure... I'm sure it's tough out there. Look uh, there's an organization out there just for you man, and the organization... have you heard of PETA?

Phil: PETA?!

Stacy: I don't mean People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I mean the alternate version, it's called People Eating Tasty Animals.

Phil: (laughs) Well, lemme tell ya I actually have had Bald Eagle and it's not a bad tasting bird!
I always get a kick out of these confrontations. Keep reading and you get the his brilliant antagonism of Micheal Savage. For the uninitiated, Micheal had a show on MSNBC untill he told a caller he thought was gay to "get aids and die" resulting in his firing. You can read more about that here. Be sure to take a look at the front page of the site here.