Tuesday, July 13

If We don't find the next Donkey Bar I tell you we must Die

The Man-Dog Turtle humping menace. The Republican members of Senate Ran in to a spot of bother when their best laid plans were laid to waste, by those pesky kids, I mean Democrats. From the Wall Street Journal via Atrios
Faced with the likelihood of falling far short of the two-thirds majority needed to amend the Constitution, some Senate Republicans were pushing for a chance to vote on an alternative that stated simply that marriage exists only between a man and a woman.
Democrats declined to support this effort realizing that The Pubbies were going to get their ass handed to them and recognized the attempt to change the rules of the game to limit their shame. Ha freakin Ha-dumbfucks. Americablog
shares with us this analysis
The pro-gay Senators caught the anti-gay Republicans (plus Zell Miller) by surprise by saying "sure, you want a vote, we'll give you a vote." Why did the good guys offer a vote? Because apparently there are so FEW Senators willing to vote for the amendment that it would totally embarrass the homophobes once the final tally was in. So the phobes are instead forcing a procedural vote called "invoking cloture." All this really means is that the Senate votes to stop a filibuster on the bill - the thing is, no one is filibustering.
Rather than spend time working on substantive legislation that might help solve some of the difficult problems this country faces, instead of getting to the bottom of a lot of questionable Executive activities, Instead of a thousand more important things to do, the Republican Gay hating bigots want to throw there fundimentalist base a bone, and unfortunately for them realize that Codpiece Crusaders coattails are gonna be a little short this year. HA. Asshats. This article has more juicy bits
Senate Republicans prepared two versions of a constitutional amendment on marriage Monday, unable to agree among themselves on how best to get a vote on a measure that President Bush made an election-year priority for Congress.
Yeah thats it, we better have a back-up plan in case some of those still on the fence decide to run screaming from this odious piece of crap.
"There's been a considerable amount of debate and a lot of scholarly thought and a lot of constitutional experts that have been approached as far as what would be the best language," said Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., who authored the original version.

Cheryl Jacques, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay political organization, said the last-minute effort to get votes on two different versions reflected a lack of care in drafting the amendment.

"I think it is outrageous and frankly surreal that at the 11th hour in this debate, they are literally rewriting the Constitution on the back of a napkin," she said.
So the republicans now appreciate Scholarship and the input of "experts", that puts to rest any doubts that I had about their motives. It is just really too bad that they just can't dissapear the Constitution in one of those holding pins where they keep the off the book prisoners. Can't we just let Texas succeed from the union and let the folks that want it establish their Fundimentalist Theocracy down there and get off the rest of our backs?