Wednesday, July 7

Frat pranks at Abu Ghraib, Lolita Svengali terrorizes Newport Beach

Susan at Suburban G. brought This to my attention and I will have to address this at length.
At the May 3 start of the Orange County trial of three teenage boys accused of gang-raping an unconscious minor, a defense attorney made a startling assertion: the alleged victim enticed the "sweet," "caring," "kind" defendants into a sexual frenzy and then, while faking unconsciousness, sexually assaulted them. At one point, the attorney, an incredulous Joseph G. Cavallo, blurted out to the jury, "Why isn’t she being charged with this crime?"

Let me get this staight, faking unconsciousness Lolita Svengali, coerces teen-aged stupid-ass, stigamata challanged rich-kids into a whole lot of gangbangin'. Hmmmm- methinks that maybe she (succubus) should be burned at the stake. Please understand that I have read the balance of this article-including an explicit description of the video-yes folks this unconscious LolitasuccubusSvengalinator forced these puritanical teenage boys to make a video-I mean this shit happens all the time.

"She knew how to use her body. She knew how to use sex," said Cavallo, one of at least nine defense lawyers (not including the publicist, a jury consultant and an army of private investigators) representing Gregory Scott Haidl, 18; Kyle Joseph Nachreiner, 19; and Keith James Spann, 19. They’ve pleaded not guilty to 24 felony counts for the July 2002 Newport Beach incident. Referring to a video they made of the incident, Cavallo said, "The boys had every reason to believe she consented: she orchestrated it."

So 7 of 9 or mabe 5 of 9 or 1 of 9 of the borg defence lawyer co-operative which also includes at least another pod of at least 3 others (I mean an army of one springs to mind), are convinced that the Lolita Svengali "orchestrated" the gang bang.

So prior to reading the article in question I made these observations to Sub G's post:
I hardly know where to begin. Knowing nothing about the case and only commenting on the snippet of article, 9 defence lawyers for three teenage defendants and a defence that a 16 year old girl orchestrated the whole thing. Absofreakinlutely rediculous. Thank god the victim is a Jane Doe.

I can with little reservation infer that these fine upstanding gentlemen are the sons of wealth-that there is a trial at all with the reputed videographic and photographic evidence cements the likelyhood. Damn glad I wasn't born scion to old or new wealth.

Frat pranks at abu ghraib and lolita svengalis in newport beach, Irony has indeed lost its mortal coil.

This is disgusting on so many levels. I just hope that these bush jr.s get the justice deserved.

Thank god she's a Jane Doe indeed. She is a minor and I hope that she may have only a vauge rememberance of what happened to her. It is highly unlikely that these poor upstanding amish rich kids could have had the guile to set this all up. They know not of the electron and would be hard pressed to set up a video camera.
"The things she wanted done were done," said John Barnett, counsel for Nachreiner. "It’s disgusting and it’s awful. Who would consent to this? Jane Doe. Nobody is going to argue this isn’t morally outrageous. It is, but it was a choice. . . . This is exactly what she wanted. They believed her when she says she wanted to be a porn star."

Yeah thats the Ticket, and Abu Ghraib was a Fraternity of Freedom Loving Hazefest.

Peter Morreale, who represents Spann, claimed that Doe rarely wore panties and flirted, and that his client "was [then] 17 years old and tripping over himself" to have "consensual sex" with her. On the night of the alleged crime, Doe first rejected their invitation to come to their party.
I have some experience in "Tripping over myself" to have "consensual sex", but without the big house, the pool table and video equipment I didn't have a lot of luck as a teenager.

"They were bummed that they’re not going to get any!" said Morreale. Later, Doe changed her mind and drove to Newport Beach. When she called to say she’d arrive soon the boys "high-fived" each other. He claims the girl promised Nachreiner that she wanted a gang bang. "I’m not advocating this girl wanted to be the next Marilyn Chambers or a deep-throat expert, but that was her mentality," said Morreale.

Such a dissapointing situation at first-I mean how many times have You're best laid plans to aquire a bit a carefree nookie to share with friends, with a wannabee pronstar no less, fallen apart-only to have her change her mind. I mean this is legitimate Amish-lite Penthouse Forum material my friends.

Yeah thats the ticket