Monday, July 5

Masterbation is Murdidlyurder

Some people are just to freaking retardidlyarded. Now the pro death penalty right to lifers are going after contraceptives. Oh the funditude (and by no means nearly as cool as mulletude). No places like this promote a view that hormonal birth control=abortion, which of course=murder. Now I would like to think that what goes on in any bedroom or closet or (hallway just off of the oval office for that matter) between consenting adults is none of min or anyone elses fucking business, but thats just me. I like to thing that (providing you sincerely believe in god) that you must inevitably make peace with you maker. Over at body and soul Jeanne makes the following observations
With the emphasis on keeping abortion legal, an important issue doesn't come up often enough: Abortion isn't the only reproductive choice conservatives are going after. Since 95% of American women will use birth control at some point in their lives, politicians are understandably reluctant to publicize it, or run a campaign on the issue, but a lot of the same people who want to take away your right to terminate a pregnancy also want to take away your birth control pills.

So meet the funditheocratic thought police. Its not enough to attempt to reduce the number of legal abortions, now contraception is being attacked. I know that this is not exacly news I remember reading about pharmacists refusing to prescribe pills, but fool that I am I did not take it too seriously-I wasn't blogging either.

In the late 80's a buddy of mine printed up a couple of thousand fliers "masterbation is murder-each time you masterbate you kill millions of mini-babies". He had another flier "mentration is murder". He of course was using hyperbole as a form of humor, I know when I first saw the fliers I almost shit my pants laughing my ass off.

Another buddy (and roomate) of mine around the same time hung out with an abortion protester at the local planned parenthood with a sign that said "I'm with stupid" and an arrow. He was welcomed as a fellow good guy and got away with this antic for about 45 minutes until the rather continuous pointing and laughing clued in the anti abortion guy who finally decided to look at the sign. Another 10 minutes of hilarity ensued as the anti guy kept trying to get on the other side of the arrow. Having had is fun I see him walk in the front door with a sign under his arm, I ask him "whats that" he shows me and explains what he has been up to for the last hour.

Seriously though I think the only way you can combat this lunacy is to hammer home the point that every one of us must make our peace with our maker and vengeance is mine sayeth the lord. OK I realize that it is neary pointless to argue with lunatics. Ill just let Jeanne finish it off.
I'm beginning to think Democratic politicians need to spell out more clearly what they mean when they say they support a woman's right to choose. The phrase has become so bland that virtually everyone mentally translates it -- pro-abortion. What pro-choice politicians support is not allowing abortion to be re-criminalized, and birth control methods to be decided by Rick Santorum.

I'm pretty sure that there isn't anything I want Rick Santorum deciding.