Sunday, July 4

I'm Back

So now that I have said my piece over at Steves, flush with inspiration I am gonna try out a little stream of conscience type of thing to fill up some space and
get used to this here bloviating.

At this moment in the cod cave we are enjoying the fourth with the twilight zone marathon, while listening to the Shostakovich Violin concerto which is an absolutly fantastic piece. I like this Mullova recording almost as much as I love the Oistrakh-which is no longer in my possesion and very difficult to get a hold of. For fans of Mozart's Requiem and Beethovens 9th I reccomend the academy of ancient music version conducted by Christopher Hogwood.

Shostakovich has finished and Tommy has started up and my fingers are shaking due no doubt to a little apprehension-a bit of self doubt-too much coffee and not enough breakfast. Entwhistle can play the french horn very well by the way-

be back soon must rectify need for food