Friday, August 13

New Hubble image

Sure is pretty.From the BBC
Hubble peers at celestial bubble
The gas bubble is caused by a hurricane of particles from a nearby star

The Hubble Space Telescope has peered inside a bubble of interstellar gas and dust that is being inflated by a hurricane of particles emitted from a young star.

This nearby star, which has no name, is losing 100 million times more mass per second than our own Sun, generating a torrent of speeding particles.

Because the star is surrounded by an envelope of gas the particle train, or stellar wind, collides with the gas.

This pushes it out forming a bubble of the type seen in the Hubble image.
So there you go. Nothing to add. You can find great gobs of Hubble Porn here. I like the Galaxy galleries personally. Go get some perty pictures. More thumbnailed Hubble Porn here.