Thursday, August 26

Swift Boat Schrapnel for the truth

The Schrapnel still stuck in Kerry, held a press conference. From GWBush04 via corrente.
Shrapnel inside Kerry's body responds to veterans flap

Artillery fragments address comments made by Bob Dole regarding Purple Heart awards

Washington — Fragments from an exploded artillery shell which have resided inside John Kerry's buttocks for over thirty years held a rare press-conference today to respond to allegations that Kerry did not deserve Purple Heart awards during his service in Vietnam.

"I may be nothing more than small pieces of metal embedded in a man's ass, but I was there, man," said the shrapnel. "I remember like it was yesterday: It was dark, there was a loud bang, and then I'm in this guy's butt. I've been with him ever since."

That should seal the deal folks. Meanwhile Bush spokes-tool or lying sack of Sockpuppet, or steaming pile of mendacity, Mr John O'Niell, "yes mr Nixon I was in cambodia" "No I was not nor was John Kerry in Cambodia"

Atrios has an interesting question:
Look, if I just start making a bunch of shit up and someone publishes it can I get on every TV station in the country multiple times?
Only if you are willing to shuck and jive like a man on fire, providing cover to a record of abject failure, so some tiny little shell of a man, and the creeps he rolls with can spend another 4 years looting everything that is good and holy remaining in this country.