Sunday, July 4

Can't keep my hands off the cod, will blindness ensue ?

stream continued....

So as anyone with a new toy can attest, ill have to get a little bit of this out of my system.

So now its the Red hot chilli peppers (Kalifornication-btw) and one of two episodes (that I know about) of the twilight zone featuring William Shatner. One of my favorite things about the show is watching a lot of folks before they were famous. For instance I may have allready missed it but the one that has Dennis Hopper as a neo Nazi is a great one. Anyway the episode on now is not the one (Terror at 20000 feet) with the Yeti tearing up the plane (ripped off to great effect by the simpsons for one of their halloween specials).

Anyway it is becoming clear to me that anyone who visits this spot will probably be met with a combination of the stream of conscience blathering on and hopefully some insightfull seriou commontary sprinkled with links to fun stuff. And maybe a little cat blogging (we have 6) and too many paragraphs that start with anyway.

The bananna has only mildly taken the edge off and I couldn't help myself and had to have more coffee so the fingers are still shaking on the keyboard and I ponder the possibility of hairy palms...