Wednesday, July 21

Keepin' an eye out for Fundie Code

I just had an epiphany. No Child Left Behind. Now I and many others have recognised what this unfunded mandate really meant. No wealthy child left behind. The real motive of this program, is to get rid of the deadweight (black, hispanic, poor white) because making these kids drop out is really the only way many schools can comply. Sure it's padding the books (don't tell me that you are suprised), but thats what Rod Paige did for teenagers who didn't make the cut in Texas.

Back to the epiphany. Untill a few minutes ago I had not really looked at the "Left Behind" part, other than to appreciate the irony. Now I believe that the real meaning of NCLB is directed at fundies. No Fundimentalist Christian Child left behind. Let me explain. A majority in the fundimentalist christian population truly believe that we are living in or are close to the Rapture, and if you look closely at what is going on in the middle east through that lens, our little adventure makes slightly more sense.

There is a popular series of poorly written (I've seen enough excerpts) books describing the "Rapture" called "Left Behind", written by fellow fundy Tim Lahaye. In fact it was a meeting with Lahaye prior to the campaign season in '99 that established D- Nero's fundy streetcred. Certain interpretaions of the Book of Revelation (some suggest that it was an ergot induced hallucinatory vision) hold that it is a profecy of a great battle good against evil, which concludes with the rebuilding of the Temple of Abraham Only after the completion of the temple can Jesus return. At which point the faithful ascend to heaven and the rest (including the Jews) are left behind to suffer the visitudes of the Horsemen of the apocylapes. I might have mixed up the order a bit but thats essentially the drift.

Now Imagine for a moment that you agree with this prophecy and are well maybe a bit impatient. What if you could jump start armegeddon? I mean alot of us are in no hurry and many of us would choose to meet the maker after a long life, I mean what's the difference of a few years. But if you were a hardcore believer, wouldn't you like to have it happen on your watch, be part of history, and maybe even you will be written about in the double plus new testement.

Ya I know, this is what we call a faith based ardor. It is important to understand that those that deign theocracy are yanking on Georgies choker chain. I think that all of the language used to sell the agenda should go through the fundy filter. When George uses language that sounds like he is speaking to us all, chances are he is only talking about his base. And of course when he discusses action of any kind it is either projection or he plans to do the obverse.