Monday, July 26

Post 101

It crept up like a panther, and voila 100 posts. Something to be proud of I guess. While I wait for something inspiring to ponder in some detail, like when is someone gonna rid the media of the republican succubi pod people, the right wing noise machine as it were. Have they no shame. Picture for a moment what the media would say when Clinton stepped on the deck of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln-do you see it. Picture for a moment if you will if George Bush had gotten a blow job from an intern, I'll bet that we would never had become aquainted with Ken Starr.

Anyway Jesse at pandagon asks an interesting question, essentially boils down to "where would we be now if Dubya's daddy had won in '92, and as a result the republicans never took the house........Go read it.

Researchers have concluded that rougue waves are much more common than previously expected. We're talking 80 foot waves that come out of nowhere. Most tankers, container ships, and drilling platforms are rated for 50 foot waves. Kinda freaiks me out

Meanwhile the whores are playing the expectation game, security in boston seems designed, by the Secret Service, and Deparment of Homeland insecurity, to make the Democrats look bad, suprise suprise its all politics all the time for this administration. And the Rove troll team is hijacking threads to good effect.

Lance wins his sixth Tour de France and I fear that when he passes the mantle, that most people will quit paying attention. Congrats Lance.

In the "can we get the religious right out of politics as soon as possible, because the shit is piling really high and my keyboard is taking a beating" department. Virginia is apparently running an ad campaign targeted at men with the following message "You shouldn't have sex with minors" Read about it at Steve Guillard's place, turns out we're the same age.

Susan at Suburban Guerilla has a couple of things up that should merit your attention. High School hijinks. Another, and I might add deserved takedown of Gasbag Tim. How long must.......