Thursday, July 22

Warm and Sticky, The Womb of Wingnuttery

From the NYT, A warm sticky fluff piece by ADAM NAGOURNEY. He lets us know how the Bushernaut is going to "bring it on". the quotes below come from page two. Atrios has a take on Nagourney over here.

"The advantage he has is that the external world continues to put forward factors that remind the public that he is the president,"
said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. "The balance tips in a subtle fashion toward the person who is doing the job in uncertain times."
You see its good that there is things going on that remind me he is preznitential. All that manly prezintude makes my belly warm in these uncertain times. WTF! How about accepting that this "miserable failure" kicked over the hornets nest providinge "these uncertain times."

Though Mr. Bush's job approval ratings are low, she said, "It's possible for people to say Bush is not doing a good job and still to conclude that Kerry wouldn't do any better."
Why am I beginning to suspect that Kathleen Jamieson, via Nagourney is carrying water for the Bush re-election campain? Yes I understand, how could anyone expect a man to to do a better job than a grown up petulant child, especially a job that might require a wee bit of nuance.

Still, there are signs of concern in the White House. With some polls showing Republicans losing their advantage on national security issues, Mr. Bush Smirky McJackoff has begun a new push to convince voters that the war in Iraq has made them safer.
Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Made us safer. Ha Ha Ha Ha.Ha Ha Ha Ha. Oh yeah, I forgot about the flypaper theory. Ya know the one that claims that its better to fight a bunch of guys who would likely never have had the funds to cross the ocean to blow up that suitcase bomb-wait-could it be that the guys that could or would blow up the suitcase might not be lured into out glorious trap.

Mr. Bush in recent days has had to campaign in solidly Republican areas, and to stress conservative issues, to maintain the enthusiasm of his base. In contrast, Mr. Kerry appears so confident of support from his base that he makes a point of saying in campaign appearances that he is appealing for the support of non-Democrats, and at one point, strongly expressed his personal opposition to abortion, without creating any stir.
It's not like he's a scared little baby who makes absolutely sure that he never has to confront any protest. I guess I can't blame him, I'd be a little sensitive too if people pummeled my inauguration limosine with eggs. It must be nice to spend all of that time basking in the warm sticky womb of hardcore rightwing support.