Friday, August 13

From the "There might be hope" department

A British research copmpany, has managed to convert sunlight into hydrogen at an 8% efficiency.
Capturing sunlight to make enough hydrogen fuel to power cars and buildings has been brought a step closer by a British research company.

Hydrogen Solar says it has managed to convert more than 8% of sunlight directly into hydrogen with fuel cell technology it has specially developed.

For an energy source to be commercially viable, it must reach an efficiency of 10%, which is an industry standard.

Hydrogen power, a renewable energy, has the potential to replace fossil fuels.

"Over the last couple of years we have doubled efficiency.

"We are not yet in the hydrogen economy, but it has the potential to take over when the oil economy becomes untenable," Dr David Auty, chief executive of Hydrogen Solar told BBC News Online.

Nano hand

Depending on how it is produced, hydrogen fuel is a clean, green source of power that can be easily stored.

Its potential has been recognised for well over 100 years, but it requires energy to extract hydrogen from water, or any other source.

The Tandem Cell technology developed by Hydrogen Solar uses two photocatalytic cells in series which are coated with a nano-crystalline - extremely thin - metal oxide film.

Having a nanoscale coating makes the surface area far greater and means that hydrogen can be produced efficiently without the need for polluting fossil fuels.

The cells capture the full spectrum of ultraviolet light - the Sun's rays - and, via the novel coating, the electrons are captured and carried away on conductors.
As oil becomes more expensive, the economic benefits of alternative energy resources, become increasingly germain. As long as money for R&D is available, recent developments in fuel cell, and hydrogen extraction technology, give this jaded and cynical bastard reason to hope........but as long as therer is so much profit tied to the trafficing in petroleum, I am not going to hold my breath.