Thursday, August 26

An honor to be Fleeced

Dick "the charming one" Cheney stopped at a roadside farm stand during a trip through Pennsylvania and got some fruit and vegetables.

"In a lighter moment, the Cheney tour stopped at a farm stand owned by Ray Levan, 65, in the small town of Catawissa. Cheney and his wife went to buy fruit and vegetables, while daughters Mary and Elizabeth went with the Cheney grandchildren to watch cows being fed.

"The Cheneys purchased nine apples, five large tomatoes, three green peppers and a dozen ears of corn. Cheney pulled a $10 bill from his pocket and gave it to Levan. Asked by a reporter whether the $10 covered the cost of the produce, Levan indicated that it did not. But he said it was an 'honor' to sell the fruits and vegetables to the vice president, even if at a discount."

I need to keep abreast of any stops by the Bush/Cheney campaign in my state and keep an eye on my wallet. Why does everybody want to comp the wealthy and powerfull?