Tuesday, August 31

IOKIYAR "Watch me count my own votes"

Greg Palast draws our attention to a florida election supervisor counting votes in her own race. This is unfreakinbelieveable. They can't win fairly so must use any means necessary.
by Greg Palast

On Friday, Theresa LePore, Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach, candidate for re-election as Supervisor of Elections, chose to supervise her own election, no one allowed. This Tuesday, Florida votes for these nominally non-partisan posts.

You remember Theresa, "Madame Butterfly," the one whose ballots brought in the big vote for Pat Buchanan in the Jewish precincts in November 2000. Then she failed to do the hand count that would have changed the White House from Red to Blue.

This time, Theresa's in a hurry to get to the counting. She began tallying absentee ballots on Friday in her own re-election race. Not to worry: the law requires the Supervisor of Elections in each county to certify poll-watchers to observe the count.

But Theresa has a better idea. She refused to certify a single poll-watcher from opponents' organizations despite the legal requirement she do so by last week. She'll count her own votes herself, thank you very much!

And so far, she's doing quite well. Although 37,000 citizens have requested absentee ballots, she says she'd only received 22,000 when she began the count. Where are the others? Don't ask: though she posts the names of requesters, she won't release the list of those who have voted, an eyebrow-raising deviation from standard procedure.
In other outrageous news, we find out that most of the big media outlets are picking up the Gropenators tab.
Schwarzenegger aides said Wednesday that the estimated $350,000 cost of his excursion to New York next week would be underwritten by a number of entertainment, pharmaceutical, oil and telecommunications concerns with major business interests in California.
[....]Among the corporate sponsors of Mr. Schwarzenegger's trip, according to a list provided by the governor's office, are Fox Entertainment, NBC Universal, News Corporation, Paramount, TimeWarner, the Walt Disney Company and Viacom. Other donors include Abbott Laboratories, Amgen and Pfizer, ChevronTexaco and Conoco Phillips, and Outback Steakhouse, SBC and Visa.

Two important entertainment trade groups, the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, also contributed toward the trip. The two groups are also sponsoring a tribute to Mr. Schwarzenegger in New York after his speech.
Nice ain't it. And WTF a "Tribute" for what? Grabbing tits and ass as fast as he can? Being and utterly bad actor? Washed up Nazi, an Ernst Rhoem, who won't be targeted in the upcoming night of the long knives? Jesus Christ.