Tuesday, August 31

Bigots Idiots and Children

One of the biggest fires raging through blogistan is the righteous outrage over the RNC Purple HeartBandAid stunt. Astonishing in its lack of sensitivity to the potential offence to millions of purple heart recipiants. A gag of the lowest order, I can imagine the childlike giggling that accompanies the revelation of the idea. While searching for a good picture of the item in question, I stunmbled across this wingnut site.

Kerry to Endorse New 'Purple Heart' Band-Aids
05/06/04 NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey

Senator John Kerry, the recipient of three Purple Hearts, has signed a contract with Johnson & Johnson to endorse a new line of band-aids.

The band-aids will be small purple hearts designed to cover minor, superficial wounds like Kerry suffered as a lieutenant in the Vietnam War.

"We're proud to be working with Senator Kerry," said a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson. "We plan to use actual shrapnel removed from his arm in our ad campaign to highlight the small size of our J&J Band-Aid brand Purple Heart bandages."

The doctor who treated Kerry at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, recently described the procedure used to treat the wound that won the senator his first Purple Heart.

"First, I located the wound with the aid of a magnifying glass," said Dr. Louis Letson. "Then, I used a pair of tweezers to extract the shrapnel, which measured approximately one centimeter in length and two to three millimeters in diameter.

Wingnuts have absolutely no shame. They are sooo highschool and hardee har har. Lets take a look at some of the comments attached to this brilliant post.
I get so pissed every time I think about that moron getting a Purple Heart for his boo-boo. If that's the case, I deserve a freakin' Congressional Medal of Honor for giving birth to my children. And I probably didn't whine as much about it.- Denise
After being called out on the stupidity of the post, the man who wrote it follows up:
Nikki - You missed the whole point of the post. I was not demeaning the soldiers. I have a nephew serving in Iraq and I'm very proud of him. I served in Viet Nam. I am making fun of John Kerry who in all probability did not deserve his first and third purple heart. Read more of my writing before you jump to erroneous conclusions. I would never make fun of a genuine hero or demean his service to his country. -Denny
Of course Denny, drink the Kool Aid, swallow the lies. When did you choose party over country, when did you decide to wear blinders, and can you provide proof that Kerry did not in fact earn his 1st and 3rd purple hearts. No I didn't think so. Brother you are a fool. But its nice to know that you have backup.
If there's one thing I can't stand more than whiny liberal sacks of wussy rine complaining about our country going to war, it's those hypocrites who attempt to hide their treasonus contempt for our nation by cloaking themselves in the flag and mock support of those brave warriors who would die to protect it.

Thats some mightyfine projection you got going on Leroy, in fact this is exactly what your stupid assed party was up to last night with there nothing sacred display of stupidity.
This scum would rather burn our flag than honor those who dedicate themselves to defending it. John Kerry is a shining example of someone who abuses the memory of the scrifce of brave men for his own personal gain, and by pointing out his falsehood and exposing his lies and contempt for his countrymen, veterans and non-veterans alike seek to protect the honor of those who truly sacrificed for their brethren. So liberals, continue to expose your sinful selves to the world through your rediculus rants and blatant hypocracy so that we who have open eyes can continue to see you for what you are. -Leroy
Clear skies, Healthy Forests, No (wealthy or fundimentalist) child left behind, Leroy methinks thou protest too much.