Monday, August 9

Prozac Related water table activities

In texas men may not stay men.
Scientists find Prozac in the livers, muscles and brains of bluegill fish in Texas creek downstream of sewage treatment plant; male fish in the same area are developing female characteristics from estrogen in birth control pills and other prescriptions.

Researchers at Baylor University have found fluoxetine hydrochloride, the active ingredient in the antidepressant Prozac, in in a Denton County, Texas creek, raising concerns about the welfare of the fish and the people who eat them, according to the Ft. Worth Star Telegram (see also the Houston Chronicle and a silly Reuters article). The chemical most likely is coming from a city of Denton wastewater treatment plant, which discharges into Pecan Creek and flows into Lewisville Lake, which supplies drinking water to the cities of Dallas, Denton and Lewisville.

Bryan Brooks, a Baylor toxicologist who led the study, said the fluoxetine, and a metabolized compound similar to it, most likely made their way into the water systems from the urine of users or through people flushing Prozac down the toilet. The waste water facility is not equipped to remove the compounds, which then make their way into the blue gills, and perhaps other aquatic life. "If we release something in the environment, we need to understand what will happen to it," Brooks said.
Yeah and that migh require that we kill off all the Pharmacuetical and Chemical lobbiests, and get people who respect science back in the executive. Then maybe rollback the power of cororations by revoking there charters, and limiting their use of the 14th ammendment to cover their asses. Oh and about a thousand other things that will never happen, I guess boobs might be cool......