Sunday, August 8

A record I didn't know about.

This is a picture of the boat

Apparently back in 1896, some crazy Norwegians rowed a boat from Canada to England in 55 days. Shit that isn't bad at all considering that trans alantic shipping voyages around the time took 3 or more weeks. Wel a british crew trying to break the record ran into a freak wave, which I posted about earlier and more about rogue waves. Back to the unlucky Britons:
Four Britons trying to break a world Atlantic rowing record have been rescued after storms split their boat - the Pink Lady - in two.

A Danish vessel picked up the men, who were adrift about 300 miles west of the Isles of Scilly on Sunday.

Jonathan Gornall, one of the crew members, said they were "very happy to be alive" and looking forward to going home to Britain.

The crew left Canada on 30 June and planned to beat the 55-day record.

"We were on sea anchor because it was impossible to row in those conditions. We were going to get through the night, the weather was going to moderate. "Unfortunately one of those rogue waves caught us with catastrophic results," Mr Gornall told BBC News 24.

"You take on nature and you take what she delivers - and on this occasion she dealt us a killer blow," he added.