Sunday, September 12

Batshit Bolton a diplomat's diplomat

The same Jackass whose rhetoric about North Korea, was the pride of diplomacy in 2003, has shown a similarly deft touch in remarks about Iran. Just over a year ago, he had this to say about North Korea.


North Korea is next on our military hit list. This is clear from the "evil enemy" language the Bush administration is using.

On July 31, U.S. arms control diplomat John Bolton bashed North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as "a tyrannical dictator" who "keeps hundreds of thousands of his people locked in prison camps with many more mired in abject poverty scrounging the ground for food." The statement is probably true, so why make a big deal of it? Because personification of evil is how President Bush sells his wars of choice.

Yesterday, Bolton opened his trap again. The title of the article is "US hints at force to prevent Iranian nukes"

A senior US non-proliferation official hinted in Jerusalem Sunday that the US may use force if necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

US undersecretary of State John Bolton, speaking briefly to reporters before meeting Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, said "President [George W.] Bush is determined to try and find a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the problem of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. But we are determined that they are not going to achieve a nuclear weapons capability."

Shalom said Israel would do "everything it can" to stop the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

That's just what the doctor ordered, lets open a two front war and get Isreal involved. This is looking increasingly like what prudent men would do if you were in a big hurry to force the second coming of Jesus win the war for political expedience win the war on terrah. It appears to me that Batshit Bolton, has more clout as undersecretary of state than Colin Powell. But then I also expect that the end-timers have more pull with bush than non evangelical protestants.