Saturday, September 11

Thats, uhm well, dont know

Picture via Atrios and yahoo, comment from cms

It's late in the comment game, but I'll add a point
because this picture illustrates it so perfectly.

Mark Miller is out with a new book, Cruel and Unusual and was on Franken's show Friday promoting it. He made the point, which is obvious once you see it, is that Bush gets into trouble grammatically (and in this case, with body language) when he is in a situation where he has to show empathy or compassion or self-reflection. He is incapable of expressing those sentiments and he goes terribly wrong when he tries to.

Earlier this week we heard him try to be empathetic with OBGYNs and the high cost of their malpractice insurance. He couldn't. Bush's famous shlubbing of the "Fool me once, shame" was because he could not say the words "shame on me." This photo again illustrates how the President of the United States is incapable of empathy.

Miller pointed out that whenever the talk turns to revenge, payback, setting evil right, he can come up with "stunningly eloquent" ad-libs. I'm not sure I would go that far, but at least his points are coherent.

Another example of narcisistic personality disorder, among the coctail of sociopathic and psycopathic tendancies. I'm telling you its the only thing that makes sense. Who in gods name can fuck up a simple hands over heart so fucking badly. Hopefully a member of the 101st fightin keyboarders can drop in and enlighten me.