Tuesday, September 7

In Defense of Stupidity

Since the the last post meandered into some jackass trying to defend the indefensible, we will continue the theme. Back in April I ran across a site that for a moment left me stunned. I have seen many websites whose sole purpose is to defend whatever the little wimp in chief does, regardless of outcome. Republique Libere, comes to mind. In this case a person felt that sites like Bagdad Burning, Salaam Pax, Raed in the Middle, and A Family in Baghdad were unfair because they did not allow comments on their blogs, you know, so some winger could argue with these iraqis, when he thought they were not fairly characterising the situation in Iraq. I know, after the initial shock wears off, laughter ensues.

You know this patriot might have gone after Juan Cole, who does not allow comments, but then Cole is mighty prolific and 70 orders of magnitude more intelligent. I mean if I wanted to battle Spassky, I would be real careful to avoid a chess set. Even more ridiculous is the title of the blog is a direct ripoff of Baghdad Burning's url adress which starts with riverbendblog. Wait.......just a little longer........how about
cry me a riverbend. Pretty snarky in that kind of creepy and childish republican way. Now just to bring it full circle the guy stopped active posting at the end of may. So here is the "mission statement":
Analysis of Iraqi Blogs Which Don't Allow Comments - Please keep this blog alive by joining in the discussion. I will not respond to abusive emails but you are welcome to post your views in the comments.
Damn that TBogg, Wonkette, and who knows how many others that have decided not to interact with the great unwashed, maybe I, why I aughtta, are you kidding? Lets find some "Anal-Isis" shall we. The following is from Baghdad Burning.
I think beheading was the chosen method of 'execution' because the group wanted to shock Americans and westerners in the worst possible way. The torturers at Abu Ghraib and other prisons chose sexual degradation because they knew that nothing would hurt and appall Iraqis and Muslims more than those horrible, sadistic acts. To Iraqis, death is infinitely better than being raped or sexually abused. There are things worse than death itself and those pictures portrayed them.
This from our "anal-ist".
Personally, I can't believe somebody would rather have their heads hacked off than be "sexually abused" such as what was portrayed in the prison pictures. I just don't get something about the Iraqi mindset if that is really true.

My original opinion remains unchanged. Both the abuses of the prisoners and this horrific murder should be condemned. Both are an outrage. Both should evoke a feeling of shame from those who support and encourage those who would engage in such behavior.

Riverbend's response is ultimately banal.
"I just don't get something about the Iraqi mindset........." Yeah, what you don't get could fill a very large place obviously. And I might go as far as to suggest that you are our of your league. From A Family in Baghdad:
Did you see Mujahideen?

I asked her

And who was shooting at the American forces?
She said she didn’t know the answer because she didn’t leave the house. And she didn’t know who was shooting. Perhaps men from Falluja themselves. Defending their houses and their women. Everybody who left their house was shot at by snipers and we heard of an old man who went outside his house so a soldier killed him while he was standing outside his house. So his son killed the soldier in anger because he killed his elderly father. Then the soldier’s comrades killed that man. The neighbors say they buried them side by side in the house’s garden. I keep thinkning that if we were all inside our house, and azzam went outside to get something and a soldier killed him standing in front of the door. Who will prevent my children from carrying arms and revenging their father
It’s an impossible task

Who gives orders?

Who is implementing?

And who is debating?

Is killing the language of communication between men?

When was killing the language of communication between humans?

Even animals don’t do that to each other.

So what’s happening to humans…the master of creature …the creator of civilizations.

And who has the answer?
From our friend and expert in Middle Eastern affairs:
Faiza bemoans a cycle of revenge and killing which has started between US troops and Iraqis in Falluja. Yet she herself is part of the problem. Instead of calling on Iraqi citizens to lay down their weapons and work with US forces so we can have order and leave the country she stokes the fire by repeating inflammatory rhetoric. She reports rumors as facts and has no regard for those who are dying trying to keep the law in Iraq. Regarding the sacrifices of the police forces she is silent. I've read one posting where she laughed at the 'antics' of a person resisting US efforts to enforce law and calm. Yet she sees herself as peaceful and decrying violence even as she indirectly encourages it.
If I ever know someone facing rape charges, that I havent beaten silly myself, I'll suggest the services of this Legal beagle as a defence attorny. Somehow this Iraqi woman is supposed to tell all the menfolk to put their weapons down and they are just gonna comply huh. She is stoking the fire with words..........hmmmmmm. And this guy from some basement in america knows for a fact that what she reports are rumors, I wanna see that tele screen you've put together. Talk about a rennaisance man, now this guy is channeling HG Wells. Study that last sentence for a moment.................yeah. Were finished here, but if you have the stomach for a boatload of bullshit, by all means. You will have to find the link above, masochists should earn their pain, makes it even better.