Tuesday, September 7

Why I Love Gilliard.

Steve always shoots from the hip, and today discusses, the myriad of reasons related to the Sharon Bush time bombs™, described in Kitty Kelly's new book, that are trickling out in advanced press releases, one by one, to form a swarming pack of snarling dogs. And they smell blood, drip drip dripping from the House of Bush. This is just a taste. If you havent read the rest.
Bush has to move people from Kerry, and he's nowhere close to doing that. The Kelley book will make that nearly impossible. Like Goldman's bio of Elvis, and Kelley's book on Nancy Reagan, people will believe the dirt.

If F 9/11 put some doubts into public's minds, and My Pet Goat is a meme which has stuck, Kelley's book is like the second wind of attack. People expect that this may be the knockout blow, but that's a bit much. What gossip does is create a meme which defines you. Richard Gere never had a gerbil shoved up his ass. Rod Stewart never had a gallon of semen pumped from his stomach. But people still believe both. What I expect the Kelley book to do is to strip away the veneer of Bush as nice guy. If there are rumors of him banging guys and snorting coke, well, that's salacious and will punish Bush for playing cute with his coke use.

Depending on the dirt in the book, Bush could be fatally crippled. But without it, Bush's prospects are dim. It would take none of the scandals around this administration from coming to light, the economy turning around and Iraq calming down.

While the administration has been talking smack about how "well" things are going, they aren't and the campaign staff knows it. Which is why all the dirt has been flying and the convention went so poorly. McCain's gaffe took them off message and Miller's speech. well, it couldn't have been worse. Then he capped it off by wigging out on MSNBC.

A tied race is usually the preclusion to the collapse of the incumbent. Even without Kitty Kelley, Bush would face a significant defeat. But the allegations in her book will spread like wildfire and define Bush as a coke snorting faggot, even if people wonder if every bit of the allegations are true. And of course, that will sink him with his base, not that they can deny the stories or say it's the liberal media. It's dirt, and that has no political allegiance.

This is just getting better by the the day, I would have never thought about the combination of these words "coke snorting faggot" in reference to bush, before I saw them on that page. Lordy lordy, I might just have to spend some time "browsing" the book at some local Bookstores. How is Rove gonna deal with questions of Juniors, drinking, snorting and smoking cock, not to mention refer. The puerile highlarity that is sure to ensue in the coming weeks. Sweet Jesus. Now that I think of it better check out TBogg.