Friday, September 24

Police State Campaign Activities

Two teachers were arrested for wearing Kerry Edwards buttons and protesting (and doing this in the same county and daring to breathe the same air as president bubble boy) a presidential visit to Cedar Rapids. Thanks to the General, you can see a video here (provided you use internet explorer, they have a bias, it seems against Mozilla). This is from september 4th, but it was the first time I have seen it, and I have covered any such examples that cross into view.

Barbara Hannon was shocked her two friends Alice McCabe and Kristine Nelson were arrested for standing peacefully near the park. "We were told because we have Kerry Edwards buttons we are not allowed to be anywhere."

McCabe and Nelson were taken into custody and the Democratic Party called the American Civil Liberties Union about the arrests.

Linn County Democratic Party Chair Joel Miller says the party posted bond for the two women. "So much of the area is private property there is no room for protesters to stand. They have to keep moving away from the rally."

Maggie Swanson says she has been to lots of protests and has seen lots of arrests. "People who've never been to one say oh as long as you are standing peacefully they will let you stand as close as you want as long as you are being peaceful, it's just not true."

Police say they told protesters about the strict no loitering rules.

God forbid the president would actually be exposed to anyone who opposes him. He is a brave and resolute Coward. President Coward is a WIMP.