Thursday, September 23

Un address goodies

Here are some selected nuggets of stayinthecoursitude from the presidebts sheechificatin' at the United Nations yesterday. Well approach this from the subliminal message angle, to get at the real meaning behind the words.
[,,,,,rewritten for clarity........]

That dignity is dishonored by oppression The Patriot Act, corruption cough, Halliburton, cough, tyranny, bigotry The Republican party, terrorism Abortion clinic bombers and all violence carpet bombing against the innocent.
We know that dictators George Bush are is quick to choose aggression, while free nations Bushistan strive to resolve differences in peace. Boot out UN weapons inspectors

They I believe that dictators George Bush should control every mind and tongue in the Middle East and beyond were coming for the rest of the world.

They I believe that suicide and torture Abu Ghraib and murder carpet bombing are fully justified to serve any goal
They I declare. And they act on their beliefs Looting the treasury and handouts to Halliburton.

Finding the full promise where all the gold is hidden
of in a representative government takes time, as America
has found in two centuries of debate and struggle. Nor is there only one
form of representative government because democracies, by definition, take on
the unique Gold hiding character of the peoples pidgeons that create them