Thursday, September 9

A trip to the otherside

Digby suggested a visit to and I ended up at little green footballs. While there I enjoyed a taste of wisdom from the troops responding to this article.

Captain America 9/7/2004 07:08PM PST

Victims!!! All Muslims are innocent victims!!! Or say they would have us believe. But we are all beginning to understand that they are in fact robots programmed by the Koran and Sharia for child murder, child molestation and jihad, ready to explode at any moment. Victims they ain't.
NDMNTX 9/7/2004 07:09PM PST

Yeah well blacks in america didn't go around planning on blowing up thousands of innocent people either. Screw them and Kerry the waffleboy.
RightIsRight 9/7/2004 07:11PM PST


I am so fed up with "cultural sensitivity".

Wake Up Call to all the Multi-Culti Douchebags in America:

Right and Wrong CAN be distinguished. Many times there are NO "gray areas", you appeasing shitheels.

Come over to my house and question the "gray areas" of my behavior after I pimpslap your sorry ass into the sheetrock.

Talking Stick 9/7/2004 07:31PM PST

Muslims, here is one American’s suggestion:

Stand up, draw a line in the sand and boldly and vigorously show us what side of the Islamic terror line you are on. If you choose to follow the poor-victim shtick of the race hustlers instead, you will pay a steep price.

Time is running out. Your choice
Q 9/7/2004 07:34PM PST

“Today, Muslims and Arabs are second-class citizens in the United States.”

Just fucking leave already. Get the fuck out and never come back.

norar 9/7/2004 07:49PM PST

“Today, Muslims and Arabs are second-class citizens in the United States.”

Well, they should wait in line for this entitlement. There are so many contenders for this distinction, it must be quite lucrative.
Midwest Pundit 9/7/2004 08:00PM PST


Are we supposed to be surprised by this? This is just another article by the liberal press to make Bush sound like a bigot.... Like we didn't know that the muslims (as a whole) would back Kerry.

Give me a break!
Jakester 9/7/2004 08:35PM PST

Well, quit acting like 2nd class citizens and maybe you'd get more respect, like take the potato sacks off your women for one!

Thats about all I can stands but there is so much more. They also don't like Juan Cole,
as if that is a suprise. Fun group of kids to hang out with though.