Saturday, September 4

Where I get my Town Hall

For those of you who are unaware, Town Hall is an online dispensary of right wing political expression. And like Bar, the mother in chief, I just cant have my beautiful mind sullied by the goings ons and writings of among others, the virgin Ben, my favorite pony Michelle Malkin, the comedy stylings of Marvin Olasky (I'm a twice born, but before I was more godly than Kerry, I was a sinning, {let me tell you what...}, fanatical, authoritarian left wing looneytoons hack), the imperial meanderings of Brent Bozzell, the agitprop of Dennis Prager.

Hell we might as well go through the whole list. I am sure that you are familier with a certain, batshit crazy, madams apple possessitatin', is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me Ann Coulter, the master of sin detection (sin is bad but it makes me feel funny in the pantal area) Mike Adams, spawn of the slanderous loins of Lucianne, Jonah Goldberg, Walter, i never met a billionaire I did not like, Williams, and finally, the inimatable,I recently met a profiling scheme and recognised that white people were not excluded therefor I don't like it, Gary Aldrich.

You see, like the mother in chief, my mind is a beautiful thing, hell I thought I'd finally hit the big time when I heard they were making a movie called "A Beautiful Mind", and was devistated to find out that it was based not on me, but some crazy Nobel winnin' guy. So you can see why I can't be bothered with the exposure to the right wing vitriolic volcano, that is the town hall and why I let my good pal (insert name of site author here) over at World O' Crap, whose mind is made of sterner stuff than mine, do the heavy lifting. Lets just enjoy a sample of the fine work from our friend at WOC.

Ben Shapiro

If your friends and family members are sinners, you should stone them to death, so as "to preserve traditional values."

Last Sunday, I picked up a copy of Boston Magazine while sitting in the green room at the Fox News studios in Watertown, Mass. Leafing through the publication, I came across an article titled "Confessions of an Ivy League Callgirl," written by Jeannette Angell, a university lecturer with a master's degree from Yale. The fact that she was a Yalie caught my eye -- as a Harvard Law student, I've already adopted our communal animosities -- and so I read the piece.

Yeah, it was the fact that the sex worker was from the rival school that caused Ben to read this article. Otherwise, he would have no interest in her confessions -- or in any other steamy, erotic stories of illicit passion that might drop into his lap (so to speak). See, Ben is a Harvard Law student who often sits in the Fox News green room, and so his continuing interest in internet porn, naughty movies, collegiate hookers, etc., is only because Yalies might be involved in such things.

You see its the kind of dedication, to sift through the sewage, and find the snarkables, that would destroy this beautiful mind, And I thank our friend for that, I really do.