Friday, September 3

Quite a Delivery, eh.

Missed the first part of last nights speech, because I was hanging out with a friend and forgot that little boy blue has an early bed time. While I had missed the first night activities and speechifyin' by Guinieani and McCain, I gird my loins and caught the festivities on Tuesday and Wednesday. I enjoyed the twins and wifeepoo, the immigrantinator, the astounding Romney, Millertime, and Snarly.

So I get home expecting to see whoever wasbatting third to the presidential cleanup and was disappointed to discover that the speech was already in progress. What a tepid delivery. And so many new ideas, stuff I'd only heard of just about everytime the man opened his mouth over the last couple of years. That "ownership society" schtick that I had first heard round about the state o' the Union, was offered up like a new golden calf for the rest of us to worship while george and his fundamentalist pals take Jesus, and his loving generous ways, home to use and worship as they see fit.

The first thing I heard after the speech and before I ran off to comedy central to catch what was left of the daily show, a quick stop to MSGOP had tweety asking someone named meacham what he thought. "That was the best political speech of his career", was all I needed to know before changing the channel. This meachum cat and I, clearly saw a couple of different speeches. George looked like a scared little boy, and delivered a ho hum jumble of patriotic platitudes, during his little theatre of the absurd, in the round. Bartlett (whitehouse communications director) you should be ashamed of yourself, for letting such drivel pass through your approving hands.

And I noticed the weird little one eyed wink. Was it a facial tic, a side effect of whatever medication they had him on, ( a cocktail I would imagine, "this one is to help you keep you continence" "what container" "No G continence, to keep you from crappin your pants" "oh should of said it that way the first time" "this one will level your mood"
"cool") or a new "sign". It was a speech that attempted to target the great unwashed, that was filled with base mainaining code. Unfortunately for Rove and the Presstitutes, who would be charged with pretending that it was a masterpiece, it likely only had an effect on the elect.

I may decide to breakdown a few graphs of the speech after I take a look around. I really look forward to Billmon's return and thorough examination of the crime scene.

Was a word that beginneth with O followed by S followed by A folowed by M finishing in A uttered once during this convention?