Wednesday, October 6

Documenting the Atrocities MSGOP

Just got Back From Digby's place and find to my great pleasure that his observations of the Hardball post debate spin mirrored my own (couple posts down).
As for the whores, I have to give extra special kudos to Joe Scarborough for the biggest slurpy Cheney blowjobs of the night, although it was difficult to choose from among his colleagues. But apparently, somebody put a horses head in Joey's bed after his little "mistake" in calling the debate for Kerry last week because he really went the extra mile tonight.
That stated, lets move on to Scarborough and his special feelings about Cheney's performance. First Ron Reagan, remarks about the lie that Cheney told when denying having ever conflated Saddam and Osama.
Ron Reagan: I will mention the one remark that Dick Cheney made that was so extraordinary at the beginning, where he denied ever drawing a parallel between 9/11 and Saddam. All of us, our jaws hit the table.
Yes Ron, I believe that a woop escaped my mouth when I heard that one drop. Scarborough follows dismissively.

Joe Scarborough
Speak for yourself, Ron.

You know, I got in trouble last week when I said George Bush lost that debate.

It is unfortunate to get hammered for telling the truth Joe, I feel for you. You rightly state that Bush lost the first debate, and get mauled by a bunch of koolaid drinking retards. A normal person might stand firm knowing that the truth is on his side, and choose to take arms against the sea of trouble and by opposing, end them, but sir you are not Hamlet, and want to get yourself out of the hot water of truth and back into favor with the faithful which is why truth be damned comes the following.

I tell you, tonight, no doubt about it. Edwards got obliterated by Dick Cheney. This is the most surprising part:This debate actually turned in Cheney's direction when they started talking about domestic issues.
On gay marriage, John Edwards talked about gay marriage for, what, five, six minutes?

First, I guess we saw different debates, Cheney spewing falsehood after misrepresentation, and getting called to the mat for it. I have to credit cheney for his ability to lie pathologically. And I understand that you are using hyperbole to try to make some point, but Edwards had at most 2 minutes to discuss the Gay Marriage issue. Lets see what Tweety has to say and if he can keep his metaphor's straight.
Chris Matthews
I think the analogy would be a water pistol against a machine gun. Every once in a while, Edwards would take a squirt at the vice president, and then the vice president would just turn the Howitzer on the guy.
Not so much on the metaphorical concistancy, Chris, instead of howitzer (which is a peice of artillery) you might have been better served with a hat tim to the Browning Automatic Rifle or BAR, considered among the finest maching guns ever designed. But even then you would still be wrong. Will return with Russert and Brokaw's observations.