Tuesday, October 5

The grief goes on.

The tragedy of a lost child may be responsible for his mother's death. From Yahoo, via eschatonian carblogger.
TUCSON, Ariz. - A 45-year-old woman collapsed and died days after learning her son had been killed in Iraq (news - web sites), and just hours after seeing his body. Results of an autopsy were not immediately released, but friends of Karen Unruh-Wahrer said she couldn't stop crying over losing her 25-year-old son, Army Spc. Robert Oliver Unruh, who was killed by enemy fire near Baghdad on Sept. 25. "Her grief was so intense — it seemed it could have harmed her, could have caused a heart attack. Her husband described it as a broken heart," said Cheryl Hamilton, manager of respiratory care services at University Medical Center, where Unruh-Wahrer worked as a respiratory therapist.

Unruh, a combat engineer, had been in Iraq less than a month when he was shot during an attack on his unit.

Several days after learning of his death, his mother had gone to the hospital complaining of chest pains, Hamilton said. She was feeling better the next day but saw her son's body Saturday morning and collapsed that night in her kitchen.
I can only hope that new rings are being added in hell, to give these butchers a proper final resting place.