Saturday, October 9


Them pesky rumors on them pesky internets, you can't trust anything on 'em, so trust me when I say that my daddy should have waited until '92 to use the read my lips bit, cause then it wouldn't matter if he changed his mind, tee hee hee. So you can read my lips when I say there will not be a draft. (unless there is a grave and gathering threat)

FARLEY: Mr. President, since we continue to police the world, how do you intend to maintain our military presence without reinstituting a draft?

BUSH: Yes, that's a great question. Thanks.

I hear there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft. We're not going to have a draft, period. The all- volunteer army works. It works particularly when we pay our troops well. It works when we make sure they've got housing, like we have done in the last military budgets.
It works when we make sure they have housing? Is that only an optional part of the deal or are you just trying to take credit for that which has always been done, as is often your want. Well I should say "always been done [until Iraq that is] maybe he was referring to this.

Or this

or this

Looks like good housing to me. I can see how it "just works", and I am glad that yu are resolute and know how the world works. I can also appreciate the fact that it would be nearly impossible for you to articulate this knowledge in a way that could be understood by this humble servant. I know, everything is just fine and those few things that are less than fine, well, I know you are working on it.