Monday, October 18

Weapons of limited destruction replacement program activities.

"Prime Minister Puppet" Allawi says that he is gonna extend the guns for cash program throughout Iraq. Since what seems to be happening is that Iraqi's bring in busted, rusted, or broken down weapons, take the cash, and purchase shiny new Iranian arms, I wonder if Chalabi or Allawi have their fingers in that pie.
Iraq PM extends weapons amnesty
Arms being brought into a police station in Baghdad
Many weapons have been handed over in the past week
Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has said a drive to buy weapons from militants in Baghdad will be extended to other parts of the country.

Mr Allawi said the programme, which last week halted fighting with Shia militants in the Sadr City area of the capital, had been a success.

The deadline for militiamen in Baghdad to hand in their weapons is being extended until Thursday.

After that, security forces will search for illegal arms, Mr Allawi said.

The prime minister told Iraq's interim parliament: "We will open this disarmament initiative to all the cities in the country."

If Allawi and Chalabi have their fingers in the pie then you know that some subsidiary of Carlyle or Halliburton may also be providing "replacement" weapons from Kuwait. You think I'm kidding? Look anything of value that is not bolted down in that country is up for grabs. War profiteering was a central goal of this Optional Operation in Iraq, War profiteering and control of the oil in the region, period. That and the possibillity of getting the end-times on, it was never about freedom for the Iraqi's, but you probably have drawn that conclusion yourself. 15 days pretty's and we can send these
bastards packing.