Saturday, November 13

Bobo Brooks calls the CIA mutineers.

Why this idiot is given space to opine and a paycheck to boot escapes me, but the bottom line is that Brooks welcomes his new Executive overlords and finds the CIA to blame for all the bad stuff. I really have to give Attaturk and some others who deign to write faux columns in Brooks' voice. That is some heavy lifting, I would never wish to be so well aquainted with his method and style to attemp the feat myself. On to the Jackass.
White House officials concluded that they could no longer share important arguments and information with intelligence officials. They had to parse every syllable in internal e-mail. One White House official says it felt as if the C.I.A. had turned over its internal wastebaskets and fed every shred of paper to the press.

The White House-C.I.A. relationship became dysfunctional, and while the blame was certainly not all on one side, Langley was engaged in slow-motion, brazen insubordination, which violated all standards of honorable public service. It was also incredibly stupid, since C.I.A. officials were betting their agency on a Kerry victory.
Pray tell, you know this from what source, oh, a little birdy told you. Well brooksie I'll grant you your premise.
Anybody with a fucking brain in their head was betting the betterment of their lives on a repudiation of the fools that have us neck deep in a pile of shit. Let's see if you can slip it all the way down and tickle the uvula.
As the presidential race heated up, the C.I.A. permitted an analyst - who, we now know, is Michael Scheuer - to publish anonymously a book called "Imperial Hubris," which criticized the Iraq war. Here was an official on the president's payroll publicly campaigning against his boss. As Scheuer told The Washington Post this week, "As long as the book was being used to bash the president, they [the C.I.A. honchos] gave me carte blanche to talk to the media."

Nor is this feud over. C.I.A. officials are now busy undermining their new boss, Porter Goss. One senior official called one of Goss's deputies, who worked on Capitol Hill, a "Hill Puke," and said he didn't have to listen to anything the deputy said. Is this any way to run a superpower?

Meanwhile, members of Congress and people around the executive branch are wondering what President Bush is going to do to punish the mutineers. A president simply cannot allow a department or agency to go into campaign season opposition and then pay no price for it. If that happens, employees of every agency will feel free to go off and start their own little media campaigns whenever their hearts desire.

If we lived in a primitive age, the ground at Langley would be laid waste and salted, and there would be heads on spikes. As it is, the answer to the C.I.A. insubordination is not just to move a few boxes on the office flow chart.
Brooks strokes his chin lightly and Dreams of Rome, and pushes a pantal puptent, while thinking of Carthage. I really haven't had a chance to have any coffee yet, and quite frankly, this jackass is not worth any more time. If you want to take a look at editorial felatio, fell free, my freind.