Friday, November 12

Kaye Grogan wingnut pundit and Biblical studies mastermind.

Oh those self-righeous Republican pundits, forming a fomidable Phalanx as Values warriors in Batallions of Morality. We liberals better get out of the way or pay the consequence, lest we become a screen for their projection. Oh woe is me of the classical liberal education, I might be in trouble if my parents had not decided to become born-agains for a couple of years while I was growing up.

Invariably the exercise did not take, my parents divorced, and I continued the heathen education that allows me to know when I see or hear shakespeare and distinguish it from the bible. And that damn science education, I know, really, I would be far better off if those secular lies did not form the basis of my pathetic world view. Atrios posted a tip from The Poor Man, who found the following in a Kay Grogan column. One of many that have appeared in the 10 days about how faith won the day and the democrats should just get over it and lie prostrate before our new Republican "Value Brigade" Overlords, begging for mercy. Her column starts with the following:
There are some myths and untruths surrounding the role God plays in our daily lives. To say that religion and politics do not mix, is certainly a myth, unless you ask a liberal. Anything that affects a Christian (and voting is one of them) — enters into the religious realm. Trying to separate the two is like trying to separate oil from a glass of water, it's impossible to do.
OK there's something that doesn't quite make sense, here, in an up is down sort of way. Oh shit right there at the end. Yo Kaye Oil and Water don't mix, okay, Kaye. No mixy oil and water. Try it yourself. Go into the kitchen, poor a glass of water, add a tablespoon of oil, stir vigorously and in a minute or two, the oil will coalesce at the top of the glass while the water stays below.
The Bible is also a political manual, if people would only look at scripture as the final authority as to how we should elect our leaders. God tells us to obey the laws of the land, unless they are in conflict with the Bible. As a Christian we must look not only at the political issues, political parties, but within the hearts of candidates. Since it is hard to really see into the hearts of politicians, because they say one thing, and their actions don't always support what they've said, the Christian must look at what a politician stands for, and if they are in conflict with the teachings of Christ when they vote on important issues.
Yes it is hard, hard work to see into the hearts of politicians cause they often misrepresent or distort their positions. Hmmm there is a fog I can't quite, I am reminded of someone who is a serial distorter (for lack of a better term). Oh Yeah, Kayes beloved, Monarch of Mendacitude, the Dubyanator. This just leads to the denoument, and demonstration of this good womans fine breeding, and taste in literature I might add.
Many are caught up with being a die-hard political party member. They refuse to go outside their party affiliation, and will vote strictly party line, regardless if they know their candidate is supporting abortion, same-sex marriages, and other issues they may not really support in their hearts. The Bible says: "to thine own self be true." If you can't trust yourself when making crucial decisions that will affect you, and others for years to come, who can you trust? And this brings me back to the question: How can politics and religion be separated? Both have such a profound effect on our lives and others.
"To thine own self be true" Hmmm, maybe Shakespeare was ripping of the bible when he gave that line (Act I, scene iii) to Polonius, who spoke it to Laertes, as the latter was ready to disembark on a trip to the "big city". So I wonder what biblical text does this quote come from? None I am sorry to say, unless it comes form the apochropha, or one of the books that the coucil of Nicea chose not to cannonize? I can't find it. Well now, given that egregious errors exist in the first four paragraphs of her screed, I figure that to continue would be a waist of time.

No wonder the right wing denegrates education, and no wonder that us elite educated folk laugh at them when they don't even bother to check on the one hand (oil and water), and mix up the works of Satan (Shakespeare) with the words of God (the Bible). Thanks for the laugh Kaye. (pssst. if you need an editor, give me a call)

She has edited the "to thine owns self be true to refer to Shakespeare "Ha Hah" - Nelson. And upon further review has rewritten the opening part about the oil and water. Tee Heee