Thursday, November 4

The concept of free will is a gift from god

Something that the Talibornagains, or Theocons have forgotten. But then again they really don't do religion, they do moral superiority. Makes it alot easier to live with the beams in their eyes. There is a great quote from Jesus about Judgement in Corinthians, that I'll have to dig up. Suffice it to say that Gay marriage seems to have created the motivation to get enough people to the polls that the election could be stolen. We have a lot of greedy, and bigoted children running loose in this young country of ours, and that fear of gays trumped fear of never-ending wars of conquest and quagmire is a sad thing to realise.

Fantastic piece on the Dominionists, Digby throws the heat, and Palast explains the how and why of the Kerry victory.

Yesterday as I was coming out of the fog, I started thinking about how to do better next time, message framing, finding our own set of buttons to motivate people, and others. In every case, I found that it would take a Media willing to spread the message. The GOP propaganda dispensary A.K.A. our media, will not carry that message, so we will have to find another way.

My biggest fear is that "mandate boy" will have to run the country off the cliff, before the decent people (read reality challenged, as opposed the the fundimentalist reality disengaged) wake up and smell the coffee. I would prefer that we get the message out and thanks to over reaching by "mandate boy" can take the house back. In the end, when the house of cards comes down around our heads, the Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves. "mighty big petard you got there Dub, be careful.