Friday, November 26

Deana aka Dee-Dee

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DeeDee, is a beautiful, sweet, and theres a lot to love. She lives with Justin and Rob, a couple friends of mine. I have the pleasure of occupying a spot in her top three Human's list. Justin found her as a kitten on the streets of Chicago about ten years ago and had no Idea that she was a white cat until he gave her her first bath.

J&R have a couple of Dogs, Dolly is a Boston Terrier and cute as hell , and Daisy a Hound / Chow mix and when you roll her ears up she is a dead ringer for Pricess Leia. But in their house DeeDee is at the Top of the Animal hierarchy.

Continuing with the Star Wars characters in that house, we have Daisy as the princess, Dolly as Darth Vader, and Deana is definitly Obi-wan Kenobi.

In the dream-world of fixed feline matchmaking, we would like to think that Deana and Jack (below) would make beautiful kittens together and a beautiful couple.

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