Thursday, November 25

happy T-Day, The Pilgrims Edition.

Near about 1608, a group of separatists left England due to increasing religious intolerance. The found a home in Holland settling in Lieden for the next twelve years when a number of forces motivated half the group to uproot and head for America. Originally planning to take of on two ships, the Speedwell proved unseaworthy and those still committed to the journey left Plymouth England on September 6, 1620 in the Mayflower and anchored at provincetown on the 21st of Novembver the same year.

Prior to leaving the boat the colonists signed the Mayflower Compact, a constitution of sorts that formed the basis of the early government. The first winter killed off half the colonists, but following years saw less privation and continued immagration, and the basis for what is known as the Massechusetts Commonwealth was formed.

Of course they got a little intolerant themselves and more or less forced the founding of Rhode Island and Conneticut by folks who themselves were looking to practice their religion in peace. This early colonial history, must have weighed in the minds of the founding fathers, as they contemplated the formation of a new government. I imagine that the many religious troubles in England during the 17th century also played a large role in the decision to place a wall between church and state.

For what its worth there you go. I had promised this post, I didn't promise that it would be any good. Anyway most of his material is either off the top of my head or supplemented frem the Pilgrims entry of the Wikipedia.