Wednesday, November 24

Oswald Killed on this day in 1963

The prime suspect in the Assasination of President Kennedy was gunned down in the Dallas Police station by Jack Ruby on this day 41 years ago. From the BBC.

1963: Kennedy 'assassin' murdered
The man accused of assassinating the US President, John F Kennedy, has himself been shot dead in a Dallas police station.

Lee Harvey Oswald, a 24-year-old former Marine, was being transferred from police headquarters to the county jail, at the centre of a large crowd of police officers, reporters and camera crews.

The event was being covered live on television, and Americans across the country watched in astonishment as a man - later identified as Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner - stepped forward, drew a gun and shot Mr Oswald at point-blank range.

"I didn't want to be a hero - I did it for Jacqueline Kennedy"
Jack Ruby

Mr Oswald fell to the floor, grasping his stomach, as a confused scuffle broke out between police, reporters and the gunman.

An ambulance rushed Mr Oswald to the Parkland Hospital - the same hospital which had fought to save President Kennedy's life two days earlier - but he died within minutes of his arrival.
Never allowed to speak in his own defence, Oswald took whatever he may have know about the case to the grave with him. A couple of years later the young Arlen Specter would find himself diagramming the "magic bullet theory" and the Warren commision would find Oswald responsible, for a crime that still confounds people to this day. I am willing to accept some of the questions that have been raised, but many still find themselves unable to believe that the assasination could be bigger than one man and a magic bullet. I doubt that we will ever really know what happened on that November 22nd, but I am inclined to believe that If involved at all, Oswald was not acting alone. But then I am just an extremely open minded guy.