Thursday, November 11

Meanwhile in Mosul

While the press engages in near orgasmic Rapture over Fallujahpallooza War Porn II©, Insurgents in Mosul are setting police stations on fire and stealing weopons right and left. Welcome to the Quagmiristan™ version of Whack-A Mole. If it wasn't such a tragedy, the keystone-copesque nature of the prosecution of this war would be laughable. While the media falls over itself trupeting the triumphant if not phyrric victory in Fallujah, people across the world are learning that the US military is not the potent juggernaut they may have once feared. Meanwhile relaxing poolside at "Club Med" is laughing as we continue to do his bidding and as we move closer to economic collapse.
Insurgents on rampage in north Iraq city of Mosul
11 Nov 2004 10:49:38 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Maher al-Thanoon

MOSUL, Iraq, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Insurgents set police stations ablaze, stole weapons and brazenly roamed the streets of Mosul on Thursday as Iraq's third largest city appeared to be sliding out of control, residents said.

Explosions and fire from assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades could be heard echoing across the city and columns of smoke rose from at least two police stations set alight.

"It's crazy, really, really crazy," said Abdallah Fathi, a resident who witnessed a police station being attacked.

"Yesterday, the city felt like hell, today it could be the same or worse."

The northern city of Mosul has seen frequent outbreaks of violence, but residents and reporters said the past two days were the worst since the end of the war last year.

As U.S. forces battle to suppress insurgents in the rebel city of Falluja, it appears many fighters may have fled to other cities where they are launching new attacks.

In the past three days, there has been a step up in guerrilla activity in Samarra, Baiji, Baquba, Tikrit, Ramadi, areas of Baghdad and in the holy city of Kerbala to the south.

In Mosul, a city of about three million people, insurgents attacked a group of Iraqi National Guardsmen blocking a bridge in the city centre, killing five of them and destroying three vehicles, witnesses said.

A cameraman working for Reuters filmed groups of militants emerging from a police station carrying police-issued AK-47s and bullet-proof jackets before setting the building on fire.
We will be compelled to take Mosul, while the insurgents re-take What is left of Fallujah. Then the christian soldiers will march off to Karbala, etc, etc, etc. But at least we're fighting the Terrorists "over there".