Saturday, November 20

Playing the AIDS Card

And in the Middle East it might be worse than any Race-Card. So lets set the table, Former Speechwriter for 43 (and is there anyone who wants to take credit for the speechifyin' of Dubbya? Me I'd pretend a protracted period of unemployment) and now Uber Journalist David Frum, claims that Yasser Arafat died of AIDS, and that he has it on good authority from some Romanian Secret Police. One might wonder if these guys are in the same outfit with the source (long since discredited) from Prague that provided evidence of a link betwixt Saddam and Osama. (Evidence by the way that barely holds up in the highly manipulated court of public opinion, let alone any real judicial body). Take it away coiner of corny phrases you.
Claims Arafat died of AIDS

A FORMER speech writer for George W. Bush has claimed Yasser Arafat died of AIDS.

Former presidential aide David Frum, famous for coining the phrase "axis of evil", says the world has shown an astonishingly low level of curiosity about the reasons for Arafat's death.

"He (Arafat) has suffered a dramatic weight loss, memory loss, periods of disorientation, loss of muscle control and recurring nausea," he said in the National Post newspaper.

"His doctors tell us his blood platelet count has dropped dramatically, but he does not have leukemia. These symptoms sound remarkably AIDS-like, don't they?".
Shit fire Dave, I guess I have been remiss and withheld the honorific of Doctor. David Frum M.D, talk about a fucking renaissance, man. Coined the term "axis of evil", put pretty, uncomplicated words, in the drooling monkeys mouth, and has just demonstrated an amazincg capacity to diagnose from long distance any medical problem.

Dave, what you characterize as "an astoninshingly low level of curiosity" I might suggest that old people who have had lengthy issues with their health often die, an oddly enough it does not come as a suprise to most. What possible motive could you have for sniffing around in Arafat's crotch, searching for clues that might allow you to truly flog a dead horse, I would like to think that most of us have far more respect for the dead (whether we hated them or not).
Mr Frum claimed a memoir of a former Romanian secret policeman who allegedly taped Mr Arafat having sex with a bodyguard was evidence of bisexuality.

Yesterday, French authorities handed over Mr Arafat's medical file to his widow Suha, who was studying it, her lawyer said.

"Mrs Suha Arafat received at 3.45pm (1.45pm yesterday) a copy of the medical file of her husband, president Yasser Arafat, which was released by the authorities at the Percy military hospital," her lawyer said making a public statement.

"She has begun to study it," the statement by lawyers Philippe Plantade and Jean-Marie Burguburu, said.

After receiving the file, Suha flew out of Paris for Tunisia, the lawyers said.

French authorities had earlier signalled they would hand over the file to Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Qidwa, who travelled to Paris yesterday to receive the information, which under French law can be released only to family.

The cause of death for Mr Arafat has never been explained.
I guess that France has more respect for the privacy of families and their dead than Frum or his Resmuglican Overloards deem neccessary. If there is political capital to be gained while beating on a dead man, and one has absolutly no shame at all, then have at it I guess. No doubt there will be some nuggets of compassion over at the Little Green Footballs, where anti-semitism is a badge of honor.

Speaking about what seems to pass for reliable sources, I have heard of a memoir from some coked up frat ho that suggests that young dubbya snorted lines of coke off of his dingaling, and that is proof of bisexuality. I can't wait to see if the "Arafat was a fag" meme plays out in the SCLM. I am sure that Judy Wolf and Paula, will sink their teeth gum deep into Arafat's corpse.