Thursday, November 18

Are you gonna believe Colin or your lying eyes.

Count of Credibility, Colin Powell, suggests that intellegence supports, the ravings of an Iranian opposition group, that Tehran is looking to bolt nukes to missles. Got that. Personally I think No Nukes is good for all, but now tht the genie is out of the bottle, Iran has the right to defend itself and nuclear weapons for good or bad have a pretty good record with respect to deterrance. So lets see what outgoing SecState Powell has to say, and if any of it can be backed by fact.
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- The United States has intelligence indicating Iran is trying to fit missiles to carry nuclear weapons, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said.

Powell partially confirmed claims by an Iranian opposition group that Tehran is deceiving the United Nations and is attempting to secretly continue activities meant to give it atomic arms by next year.
Once upon a time our intelligence community was the envy of the world, although the Israeli's and Russians are probably better at it than we are. See, I just made some suppositions not supported by the presentation of facts of any kind, while these may be widely held viewpoints.....OK lets see what else he's got.
"I have seen intelligence which would corroborate what this dissident group is saying," Powell told reporters Wednesday as he traveled to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Santiago, Chile. "And it should be of concern to all parties."

Pressed by reporters on the intelligence reports, Powell said the intelligence indicates that Iran "had been actively working on delivery systems" capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.
Intelligence has been seen.....I wonder if these "delivery systems" might have dual use capabilities. We also had intelligence about aluminum tubes and mobile chemical weapons labs, sorry if I seem a bit skeptical about this intel. Maybe there is something more substantial to look at.
Powell said there is no evidence to suggest that Iran has developed the technology to make a nuclear weapon, but suggested that the regime is working to adapt missiles for nuclear warheads.
No capability to develop, yet working to adapt. Hmmmm, pray tell where are they getting the already constructed warheads. Must be from somewhere, and I'm thinking likely to be an "ally" of ours. Pakistan?, India?, Russia?, China?, I bet that NK is interested in keeping what they have so it would have to be someone who has warheads to spare.

OK to keep track, Powell claims that Iran is working to modify missiles to carry warheads that they are presently incapable of manufacturing. Got it. Lets see if.......
I'm talking about information that says that they not only had these missiles, but I'm aware of information that suggests they were working hard as to how to put the two together," Powell said.

A senior official for the National Council for Resistance in Iran said Tuesday that a bomb diagram -- along with an unspecified amount of weapons-grade uranium -- was provided to Iran by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the disgraced former head of Pakistani's nuclear development which was tied to both Iran and Libya.
Damn there we go with the "Hard Work" again, and finally we get names. Aha, Khan AKA
Khanny Nuclear Seed. What was the name of the first country on the list of Allies, who might be possible sources of warheads, thats right Pakistan. I have to admit this State Departmening is a curious business, and I am betting that Powell is hoping the Iranians don't come up with 4. Lets see what else he's got.
Powell declined comment on Khan but said that "for 20 years the Iranians have been trying to hide things from the international community."

Iran says its sole interest is to generate nuclear fuel through low-level uranium enrichment, but the United States suspects Iran wants to produce weapons-grade enriched uranium.
No comment on a guy who has done more for nuclear proliferation than anyone, the guy that gave North Korea the Bomb. Yeah No comment, wouldnt want to offend the government that protects the guy most likely to be responsible when and if a suitcase Nuke blows up in the US some time down the road.

Now the scary thing is what happens if Israel decides on a pre-emptive strike. i am sure that Condi will work it all out.