Wednesday, November 17

Remember Kiddies IOKIYAR

Its OK if you are a Republican. The Republicans in the hill recinded a rule that might have forced Tom Delay to give up his leadership position in the House of Reprehensibles Representatives. The rule in effect, stated that any member of the house leadership that was under indictment, would have to cede their postition until the matter was cleared up. Funny story really. You see the rule was invoked to screw a member of the Democratic leadership named Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois, who was involved (if memory serves) in a scandel over taking advantage of the house post office, and eventually convicted of mail fraud. Oh those were the days, when ethics in the house meant something. It is likely that Delay (who has already faced ethics sharges in the house) will be indicted for running afoul of campaign finance laws, but loyal republicans in the house have his back and will not allow petty partisan grievances (read legitimate complaints) to take their bugkiller away. These guys run everything, but god, if they are not poor little victims who can barely get there luch money past the burly Democratic party bullies, in the Capitol building.
By Joanne Kenen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House Republicans voted on Wednesday to change their own rules to allow their powerful Majority Leader Tom DeLay to keep his post even if he is indicted in connection with illegal fund-raising activities.

In a closed-door session, House Republicans approved the rule change in a voice vote to allow a leader or chairman to keep his post after an indictment. The leadership would then make recommendations, based on whether the indictment was deemed legitimate or politically-motivated.
Behind closed doors, is the only place where beleagured republican feel safe doing business. I wonder how the "leadership" will deem any charges that arise, legitimate? Nah. Politically motivated? Of course.
Three of DeLay's associates were indicted by a Texas grand jury in September in connection with illegal fund-raising and the prosecutor has said the investigation is not yet finished.

The controversy surrounding DeLay, a Texas Republican, does not seem to have dented his considerable power.

He is credited with helping Republicans increase their majority in the House in this month's elections and many Republican lawmakers feel indebted to him for his fund-raising prowess.

DeLay, who has been admonished by the House Ethics Committee three times this year, told reporters he was "not at all" worried about an indictment.

He said the change in party rules was necessary to protect Republicans against the Democrats' "politics of personal destruction."

Rep. Henry Bonilla, a fellow Texas Republican who initiated the change, said it was essential because, "We are trying to protect members of our leadership from any crackpot district attorney in any state of the nation from taking on a political agenda."

That's about right. You see, in this brave new world we inhabit, anytime a republican is caught with his pantaloons around his ankles, and his arm shoulder deep in the cookie jar, anyone who wants to complain is just employing that shameless tactic that Delay called the "politics of personal destruction."

Hmmmmm I wonder what Bill and Hillary might have to say about that. I guess we just have to get used to the idea that since the republicans discovered, or at least made POPD an artform, that they have a copyright on it's use. I wonder if the Swift Boat Lies could be considered POPD. I guess I am just thinking too hard.

Democrats complained that Republicans were lowering the ethical bar for leadership.

"Not only did the House Republicans vote to re-elect the most ethically challenged member of Congress in modern history to lead them ... now, in an act of unprecedented shamelessness, the Republicans have apparently changed their own rules to allow Mr. DeLay to be indicted for a felony and still keep his job as Majority Leader," said outgoing Rep. Chris Bell, a Democrat who lost his seat because of Texas redistricting pushed by DeLay.
Chris Bell, who had his ass gerrymandered out of a district, just doesn't seem to be with the program pogrom. The new order of the day is that anything republicans do to hold or consolidate power, up to and including, stealing and cheating and bearing false witness, adultury. worshipping graven images, is doubleplus good, anything the democrats do is evil or inspired by hatred and Satan. I hope that clears it up for you guys. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to catch up to the media.