Saturday, January 15

Rightwing Obfuscatology, or shit through a Goose, through a Fan

Last week it was disclosed that Armstrong Williams, a PR flack, and regular on the Dog and Pony circuit of televised news and commentary, had accepted nearly a quarter million dollars, to pimp administration education policy during his television appearences and in his newspaper columns. Money that was raised by taxation, in other words, as dear leader is fond of stating, "It's your money". A great hue and cry was heard, hackles raised, and a general unease was noted among other members of the punditocracy, after all, the obvious question now becomes "How much money does Tim Russert get paid to constantly miss the point"? How much did Novak recieve to out Plame? The list could continue indefinitely............

Some call it payola, some call it pay for play, the FCC calls it illegal, that is if Michael Powell can parse the regulations.

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for the Iraqi Freedom Parade, a grossly extravegant inaugural ceremony and a heaping serving of Grilled Rice, so what might you expect from a former member of the Dean Campaign who has decided to rush the Beltway Kool Kids Panhellenic Society? A shiv in the back, an angle for the SCLM to employ as chaff, in another game of cover my ass.

That said, Zephyr Turncoat, and Chris Suellen Ribbontrop can drown, sealed in a waterbed filled with their own urine.


Mr Gilliard has a letter for Zephyr.