Saturday, January 8

McCarthy Rennovation Project, or, "Excuse me, while I adjust my enormous package".

My friends, many strange winds are blowing these days, and somewhere during the end of the year outrage dump, and in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, a circuit breaker was tripped, and my brain decided to take a leave of absense.

I am not sure that she (my brain) has clocked in for full time work, but something I saw on tv as soon as I woke, triggered the blogging instinct so here we go.

Now in a day when you have a couple of fools (Malkin and Pipes), beating the drums for Re-Neducation camps to secure us from practitioners of Islam, Republican Rockettes tap dancing around a justification of torture, and the certification of another questionable election result in the favor of the Asterix presidency, I wake up to find the show 20th Century with Mike Wallace on the History Channel, the 1999 episode titled McCarthy Reconsidered (predating Coulter's ode to McFellatio, "Treason" by 3 or 4 years).

It Turns out that there was a communist and KGB presence in the US before during and after the second World War. and therefore McCarthy might have been on to something, but maybe his tactics could have been better, and anyway we will have to leave it up to the Historians to fill in the blanks, 'cause well 45 or so years is not yet enough time to evaluate the situation. OK so I paraphrase, but it is accurate as to the summary of the show.

So if you haven't noticed, the Whitewash of History and the stalinization of the historical record continues apace. In fact just a few moments ago on the History Channel I learn that the A-10 Warthog may have been consigned to the dustbin of History, but for the grace of God, Saddam invaded Kuwait (without of course, any of the "a wink is as good as a nudge to a blind bat" mexxed missaging sent by our diplomatic core prior to his invasion -- "'tsOK really, we don't care, yeah slant drilling is a bitch") and the A10 with her big-assed scary guns performed admirably and was given an extended lease on life.

As the show continues, I find it remarkable the way the producers of this show, anthropomorphize this Dog of war, as we follow the arc of its story through Afghanistan, and after commercial break, into Iraq part deaux "Weapons of Mass destructive, bad bad man, deadenders and fight 'em there, Flypaper Justification activities. A veritable WarPornucopia of excuses. What is most charming about this show is when they interview the close freinds of this venerable aircraft, who are giddy when discussing It's Killing prowess, but also of the adventures they have shared. Transcribed excerpt follows:
Pilot: "..and I was able to lock this thing up and fire that missle and it came screaming off the rail"

Narrarator:From over 17,000 feet, the long range 300 lb launch and lead Maverick missle travels to its target, For Yehanowitz, the seconds seem to go on forever"

Pilot: "I'm waitin' and I'm thinkin' Oh Man, the missle went stupid -ya know- it went flyin' into Iran, it should have hit by now, and uh Ohmy god, I'm in trouble, It just felt like an eternity."
The reason I chose to transcribe this bit is emphasized....WTF, you know. Think about that for a second........ I guess some of the high tech weaponry we employ, the result of the finest breeding, sometimes produces suboptimal results. "Went Stupid...flyin' into Iran....." Can we get a missle IQ testing regime started stat, or is it just the unholy, preternatural, plate techtonic shifting, magnetic-field disrupting powers of the Clenis™ that cause smart bombs to go stupid.

In the end of this episode of the show called Heavy Metal (which should be subtitled the "Hagiography of weapons of remarkable destructive capabilities" the pilots gush in admiration of the "feel of the plane", Its 'haberdashery' "it's just an awesome weapons platform that fills a specific niche and does it really well", and its strength "able to keep flying with battle damage that would cripple many other designs....."

Folks I feel a stirring in the loinage, I think I may be in love.