Monday, May 9

Hooray for Everything.

Titled after the superbowl halftime show in a Simpsons episode, the following will mostly be about me. Today I have the pleasure of beginning my 41st trip around the sun. I have to admit that the approach of this milestone has been somewhat unsetteling, as I have pondered the difference between the actual impact my existance has had on the planet, to the one that I once dreamed I would have.

I loathe self promotion and crave candor, but have promised myself, that today I should do some accounting, and indulge the inner Me, Me, Me, and attempt to catalogue some of my achievements. If the plan works out (see first four words in previous sentence) you may hear about an invitation to the Olympic Training Center, the completion of my first bicycle frame a month and a half after being instructed in the operation of the oxy acetylene torch. Maybe something about how I cut my rock and roll chops, in a trio, with a grammy award nominated guitarist or how much fun it is to communicate over long distance with kit built, homebrew, or seriously modified Ham Radio equipment. Possibly you may hear about my journey to computer literacy, or the time when the owner of a local fine dining establishment, asked me to cover for his best cook a couple years after I had last worked in the place, and how I have recently discovered that I am a natural in the machine shop.

OK, now I feel a little sick.

In any event, I will post a couple of possibly interesting things today if I do not get sucked into a day spent at that Blog of ill repute, occasionally referred (actually once, by some idiot LGF'er) to as Haloscam.

I hope that it is as gorgeous a day in your neck of the woods, as it is in mine.