Sunday, April 24

A new Computer

What started out last Sunday as a mission to aquire a newer, bigger, hard drive, ended with me returning home with a new computer. A Mac mini. Several things led to the justification of this purchase. First it was on display and about the coolest thing I have seen, second I had not treated myself to a computer in a few years and the old one was acting up far too often. Third, OS X had just come out shortly before I quit working in computer support at an advertising agency, and had intrigued me as a Linux user. And it had a combo DVD/CD-RW Drive, but mostly I was in thrall with its adorability quotient.

I have a habit of messing around with stuff, I just can't leave well enough alone, so I have spent a bit of free time trying to get this beast to behave as I am accustomed. The discovery that one could install Xfree86 and run most of the applications that I use with linux was a definite plus. Looking into the various ways to implement the installation of this application led me to Fink. Fink makes it a breeze to manage and install applications that have been ported to BSD and OS X. While I am not finished tweaking and installing, this post is really serving as a test.

One of the coolest things about Xwindows and Linux is that you can use a three button mouse to great advantage. The biggest plus (and once you get used to it you never want to go back) is the ability to select text from one application with the left mouse button and simply paste the text in another application with a single middle button click. No Control > V Control > C, no select text to copy > click edit > click copy > mouse over application > edit > paste,
none of that nonsense, just select move the mouse to application of choice middle click. If you catch my drift, and happen to blog, you might appreciate how cool this is.

Well after a week of using the old methods I am finally enjoying the easy street. Now back to configuration tweaks.