Sunday, May 15

Oh Sweet Jesus.

Thanks to Wtlodge40
Who had the following to say:

And I do apologize.... but why should I be the only one pouring disinfectant in my eyes?

Satire is fucking dead - DEAD!
So I hop on over to check out the link and what do I find?

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While Godwin's Law may have at one point been appropriate, I do not think he could have anticipated the ascendancy of BushCorp, nor the numbers of people who would follow into lockstep support of dear leader. From the site (dripping with a persecution complex).

If this country's legislature and judiciary are supposed to
reflect the values and beliefs of The People, then send them
a message that they are WAY off course!

If you are tired of secularists telling you that The Lord has no place
in our government and our public institutions, then show them that
you disagree.

This symbol, this site, and this car magnet have been created for the
millions of Americans who support the President and his vision for a
government that embraces religion, morality, and family values. It
shows worship to the Lord, respect for the President, and hope for

Join the millions of Americans who believe that President Bush’s faith-
based administration presents the best hope for America’s future.
The future is in your hands. Stand up and be counted!
Democracy be damned, these folks are hell bent on the establishment of the "Theocratic States of Crackerstan"