Friday, May 20

Saddam's tighty whitey's.

I resisted the curiosity to look at the picture for a while, but then caved. I follow a link to the BBC story, and catch this little demonstration of astonishing ineptitude.

'Destroy the myth'

The Sun cited US military sources saying they handed over the pictures showing Saddam as "an ageing and humble old man" in the hope of dealing a blow to the resistance in Iraq.

"It's important that the people of Iraq see him like that to destroy the myth," the paper's source was quoted as saying.

Right, just like the humiliating photos of his post capture doctor exam, released to break the backbone of the resistance just over a year and a half ago, which was about six months after declaration of victory, and the glorious photo-op that was the inspiration of this blog's title.

Just like the photos of his dead sons were supposed to...........Jeez.

The above has all the hallmarks of the broken record, bird brained logic, employed by the NeoCon's to start up the Middle Eastern Meatgrinder and comments to the contrary by millitary mouthpieces shoul be taken with a Saltlick. These idiots are still operating under the illusion, that the resistance has anything to do with Saddam. But then again these idiots learned all the wrong lessons from Viet Nam while declining to learn from another's mistakes, the Soviet invasion and eventual withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A statement from the US-led force said it was "disappointed at the possibility that someone responsible for the security, welfare, and detention of Saddam would take and provide these photos for public release".

The statement added: "This lapse is being aggressively investigated to determine, if possible, who took the photos, and to ensure existing procedures and directives are complied with to prevent this from happening again."

Col Boylan said: "As far as any breaches of the Geneva Convention, that's something we are looking into. We did not officially release those photos, and so there's a question on whether it is actually a breach or not."

Wow, nice looking loophole you have there, Colonel, I would definately maintain the death grip you have on it. It's a damn good thing that no one is reaponsible for anything, otherwise someone might end up in the pokey.

I won't go into the fact that this is YAVGC (yet another violation of the Geneva Convention).