Sunday, July 4

At least its keeping me off the streets

While setting up this space (a work in progress) I was contemplating the title choice- see about 3 or 4 months ago I was perusing the comments section at Atrios and the man himself had left a post containg the name of this blog. I was immediatley taken by the imagery and requested its use as the title of an as yet to be created blog. Shortly thereafter came the reply "steal anything" said Atrios. "Cool" I thought.

It has taken several months to get to this point cause quite frankly there are some brilliant bastards out there that usually consume a good deal of my reading time and also I'm not sure I'd ever hold a candle to these folks-I'm talking about Atrios, Billmon, Digby, Bartcop, The Rude Pundit, and many others.

Lots has happened in the interim-essentially the implosion of Commander Codpiece's administration-So I hesitated for a moment setting up the title because I felt the possible dimishing of relevance as we move closer to November and we may well no longer have the Codpiece to kick around anymore. I guess I just liked the name too much and as I discovered that you could have a separate url, I decided that I could put the other candidate up there.

Now Uncle-Tomfoolery (the othere candidate) was something that came to me while reading Steve's takedown of Bill Cosby's latest attempt to tell poor black folk how to behave. So I threw that up as the address of this site cause I want people to think I'm clever and stuff.

On a more serious note I feel uniquely qualified to discuss issues of Race. Having grown up a person of color in a liberal college town, in a state that always votes for republican presidential candidates. Having a genetic composition spanning three continents (Europe, Africa, North America) contributed to an early disdain of racism, which I first encountered as a three year old at the grocery store with mom. You pick up that funny vibe early. It really hit home when we shopped with dad-double the vibe. It seems that a white man with brown kids is worth more vibe than a black woman with brown kids-never figured out why-I guess moral relativism (much derided in wingnutsphere and freeperville) has always walked hand in hand with bigotude.

Besides paragraphs starting with Anyway (and occasionally anyhoo) streaming piles of conscience, posts starting with on a more serious note will invariably contain some SNARK-the recent rumors of a shortage of same notwithstanding.

Untill I figure out how to edit this place the next post will be a blogroll of sorts so if you stumble upon this place you can quickly run screaming to much more interesting places.

Nothing to see here-move along