Friday, July 16

Bloggers new goodies.

I'm sure that any of you that use blogger have discovered, they went and added some new features to their interface. Lots of Java-scriptly goodness, a new way to link to things, imagehosting, and other formatting tools, including spellcheck. I'm sure I'll like it at some point, And while this may appear to be an examination of quality of teeth of a gifted horse, it is not. Why? 'Cause I say so. Oh and by the way it just seems like it takes forever to publish, as the progress bar circles endlessly on, but you can ignore it because-well lets just say that the progress bar is only now an approximation of the truth, at least on this particular setup.

Anyway there seems to be some scary shit afoot that needs some documentating. So on to the battlefields of blogistan we must go. In the meantime check out "new boss same as the old boss".

Which I plan to cover in more detail.