Wednesday, July 14

The Serenety of the Sovereign State

Attackers Kill Governor of Iraqi City of Mosul. Thanks to Rorschach
for the heads up regarding the latest in Iraq. From Reuters
Wed Jul 14, 2004 11:37 AM ET
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Attackers killed the governor of the Iraqi city of Mosul Wednesday as he was driving in a convoy of vehicles toward Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said.

The assailants threw a grenade at the governor's vehicle and fired automatic weapons, the source said.
What can I say. This was absolutely unnecesary, more blood on our hands. There is more. From Juan Cole
Reuters reports that guerrillas killed at least 7 persons with a car bomb at the entrance of the Green Zone (which houses US and interim Iraqi government personnel.

The head of Iraq's Olympic committee, Ahmad al-Hajiya, barely escaped being killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad on Tuesday.

The Zarqawi group took credit for beheading a Bulgarian hostage.
Can somebody please explain why we went into Iraq again-yeah I know.