Saturday, July 31

Digby again

This is a perfect indictment of republican governance:
That's no surprise. You have to be either a fool or a patriot to feel the duty to govern after a Republican has been in power. They come in to office, reward themselves and their rich friends, totally fuck up the country and then leave the mess for the Democrats to clean up. Then they use their time out of office assassinating the characters of the Democrats for fun and profit preparing the way for them to get back into office and fuck it all up again. These people are not interested in governing in a democratic system, which takes negotiation, compromise and patience. They are about power which requires far less complexity.
This remind you of anyone you know. Off the top of my head I see the Godzilla of Gerrymandering, the former insect assasin Tom Delay. That Mothra of Marketing, dirty trickster Karl Rove. Rodan of Moral Rectitude, christian crusader Ralph Reed.

The GOP gets away with murder over and over again, leaving chaos in its wake and forcing the taxpayers to clean up mess after toxic mess --- savings and loan bailouts, record deficits, crumbling infrastructure, foreign wars and international threats. Their product is defective. They need to be held accountable.
This is the problem, the republicans are great salesmen, you only find out too late that you purchased a bill of goods, and when you call to complain, you find the phone disconnected. Then a few years later you see a shiny new toy in a catolog with a strangely familier name and...., well you get the picture.